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SmartBench V1.3 PrecisionPro X CNC Router

Get ready to supercharge your factory with SmartBench PrecisionPro X – the CNC power tool for manufacturers! 

Experience the incredible combination of a large-format, automated feeds and speeds CNC router now with Bigfoot and Console XL. It's SmartBench, but on steroids! Say goodbye to shopvac limitations and hello to an easier to use console. Transform your workshop into a factory with one purchase.

Designed with customers in mind, it takes 3 minutes to pack down and fits in an SUV so you can take CNC with you. It is accurate to +/- 0.02'' and better when using a finishing pass. PrecisionPro X can process 4ft x 8ft sheets. It can hold materials as thick as 6 inches and has a Z-axis travel of 5.1 inches.

Combined with ShapeCutter our console-based cutting app, you have an intuitive and powerful tool at your fingertips allowing you to start creating like never before. For those new to CNC, ShapeCutter has a walk-through job wizard making getting started a simple process.

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$15,795 Including shipping, Excluding local taxes


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Our users say
SmartBench is my go-to machine and the hub of my workshop; I don't know what I'd do without it.
— J Hancock
The Smartbench has greatly expanded my scope of projects I can take on.
— K Gaskell
I have made 150+ BTCC splitters with SmartBench. With PrecisionPro X it was 1/3 quicker
— R Austin
To have the ability to cut a full sheet of material without having to spend out on a full bed machine was a massive plus point for me.
— R Comer
I love my Yeti SmartBench and wouldn't trade it for anything. It is the primary reason I have been able to make a career change in the past year.
— Nick Vasko
See SmartBench in action
World beating features



to use




CNC for




Quality and safety

WORLD FIRST - YetiPilot: Adaptive feed rate control
Yeti Tool are bringing a World first to CNC routing. YetiPilot…
  • Constantly monitors spindle load and reacts to ever-changing mid-job variations, it’s like having a new employee!
  • Optimises your jobs, resulting in an improved job success.
  • Changes feed rate dependent on tools wear, meaning tools last longer.
  • Reduces your feeds and speeds learning curve if you are new to CNC.
  • Reduces wasted material
What can I make?
Browse through customer projects and discover what SmartBench could do for you

Shape Cutter

ShapeCutter is an intuitive touchscreen cutting app designed to help get you going.
Start with ShaperCutter to familiarise yourself with the process.
Easy to use step by step set-up wizard walks you through your cut.
Navigation tabs allow you to navigate through the set up tasks.
Move on to more ambitious projects in just a few cuts!
Ease of design
Shapecutter - the perfect app to help you learn and develop
  • 10 different geometry types to choose from.
  • Save your tool/job profile for a quick job turn around.
  • Prompts and hints on the complete cutting process.
  • Compatible with both inches and millimeters.
CAD/CAM users
  • SmartBench allows you to use whatever package is best for you
  • 95% of existing software packages are compatible
  • Built on GRBL post processing platform
  • We sell and recommend Vectric software solutions
Easy to use
Take the strain out and reduce the feeds & speeds learning curve with PrecisionPro X and YetiPilot
  • Library of standard material feed & speed cutting profiles.
  • Advanced profiles screen for experienced users who want to create their own.
  • Monthly updates of standard tested profiles as new materials are tested.

YetiPilot gives new and experienced users the confidence to press go on their projects without hours of research.


Control in your hands with our large 7'' (175mm) touch screen console
  • Apps, wizards and walkthroughs make control and processing jobs on SmartBench a breeze.
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz Network only)/USB connectivity for simple file transfer.
  • Easy and quick calibration app ensures your SmartBench is always in tip top condition.
  • Remote software upgrades


Operation at the touch of a screen, from loading a job to setting your start point, to adjusting your strategy as you cut, it's all in one easy to navigate place
  • Job loading - simple file tiles and folder structures
  • Job setting - manual moves and all machine functions
  • Job overview - job area displayed for a final check
  • Job adjustments - increase or decrease your feeds and speeds "on the fly" to achieve the optimum results.


Fast, efficient set-up, built-in dust extraction hose for a clean work environment and it's unique pack down feature makes SmartBench the complete system.
  • Z Probe for fast, easy and accurate setting.
  • X/Y Datum laser cross hair job reference system for quick and accurate setting - model dependant.
  • Connect to your dust extraction system for clean operation.
  • Pack up and store away in 3 minutes.
  • No professional installation required

Big Capabilities

SmartBench was originally designed with the goal of bringing Large Format cutting to small spaces
Max sheet size
49.2'' x 98.43''
(1250 x 2500mm)
Z axis travel
edge to edge capability
3 Axis CNC
Quality and safety in mind
One of our main drives when designing SmartBench was to make a tool which repeatedly produces finished parts within it's stated tolerance time and time again.
  • Reliable and repeatable performance with our patented design
  • Finished part accuracy starts at +/-0.020" or better
  • Tolerances of +/- 0.009" are achievable with good tool path strategies and sharp tooling
  • Listen to your cut and adjust accordingly with our "On the fly" spindle and feed speed control
  • Automatic or manual squaring depending on the finish results required
  • Simple calibration walk through app
Next generation Yeti spindle and ZHead V3 takes SmartBench to the next level
  • 1000W Yeti High Performance spindle
  • Digital speed control
  • 5 key spindle metrics reported every 50 milliseconds
  • Brush life stored on the spindle
  • Higher resolution job pause on overload function
Safety upper most in our minds.
  • CE certified and FCC Compliant
  • Remote software upgrades means you get the benefit of our ever increasing library of cutting apps
  • E Stop
  • Interrupt bars along the x axis

Many different material types with few exceptions

Wood based materials

Hardwood, softwood, partical boards, OSB in fact any wood based product

Composite materials

From solid surface material to Dibond to Foamex to Fiberglass

Hard & soft plastics

Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Acetal, the list is endless.

Non ferous metals

Soft metals such as aluminuim, copper and brass

All your questions answered
Model Specific Features
SmartBench PrecisionPro X - Model Specific Features
  • YetiPilot - World first for CNC routing: automated adaptive cutting feeds
  • Console XL - Larger console, easier to use, additional screen protection
  • ZHead V3
  • SC2 120v 1000w Spindle
  • Digital speed control
  • Improved spindle/spindle brush life times
  • Auto Tool Stop if spindle is in constant overload
  • Real time spindle load display
  • Precision ER16 collet - max 10mm shank
  • Dual Z Axis Lead Screws for additional rigidity
  • Laser X/Y Datum set point system
  • Can accommodate up to a 10 amp extraction system
  • SmartManager Multi License
YetiPilot V1.0
  • Reduced new material feeds and speeds learning curve
  • Auto job strategy optimisation
  • Ever increasing preset profiles based on material type, cutter dia and cutter type.
  • Custom profile feature where you can create your own adaptive feed profile
  • Blunt cutter job fail protection.
  • Spindle health check
Console XL
  • Larger interface for easier use
  • App library ready
  • Additional screen protection
  • Rugged case
  • Slimline design 
  • 2 USB ports
  • Easy SD card change
  • 100mm hose attached to SB
  • 3m flexi hose
  • Ability to use a larger industrial extractor with bigger bag capacity
  • Larger chip evacuation
  • Halo lights for better status monitoring
  • Capacity for larger tools
  • Built in static handling
Ease of use
  • Intuitive touch screen control.
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz Network only)/USB connectivity for simple file transfer.
  • Z Probe for fast, easy and accurate setting.
  • Extraction system for clean operation.
  • Pack up and store away in 3 minutes.
  • Easy and quick calibration app ensures your SmartBench is always in tip top condition.
Improve efficiency
  • Autonomous cutting – Working with you. SmartBench gets the job done whilst allowing you to get on with other tasks.
  • Fast setup – plan your job on the touch screen, set your materials and press go.
  • Astonishing job time – SmartBench can perform multiple cutting operations, dramatically improving your job time.
  • SmartBench fits into a SUV.
  • Sections have been made to be handled by one person.
  • Nothing more required to start producing standard shapes than SmartBench and a router bit.
  • Set up on site within 3 minutes.
  • Height adjustable feet makes light work of setting up on un-even surfaces.
Large capabilities
  • Process up to 2500mm (98.43'') x 1250mm (49.2'') sheets edge to edge.
  • Use SmartBench in feed-through mode and process any length of work surface.
Multi materials
  • Softwood and hardwood timber sections up to 150mm thick.
  • Timber based composite boards
  • Composite worksurfaces
  • Polycarbonate, Acrylic and other forms of plastic
Quality and accuracy assured
  • Accuracy of +/-0.5mm or better
  • CE certified
  • Remote software upgrades means you get the benefit of our ever increasing library of cutting apps
Safety in mind
  • E Stop
  • Interupt bars along the x axis
What else do I need?
CAD/CAM software

In order to get cutting, you’ll need to use your own CAD/CAM software to design and create your projects. We recommend you use Vectric VCarve Pro or Autodesk's Fusion 360 to model and CAM process your files. Fusion is free to makers, education and small businesses.

Other G Code generating CAD/CAM packages can be used.

Router bits

Standard router bits with a shank of up to a maximum 10mm diameter can be used to fit the router head.


You will need to provide an extraction unit to attach our standard hose to, and then plug the power supply into the on/off socket provided.

Pricing, Warranty, Installation & Maintenance

VAT or your local sales tax are not included in the quoted prices.


We've designed our routers as a self install product to negate the need and cost of any professional installation.

Once you receive your router and have unpacked it, installation is easy, just follow our comprehensive instructions and you'll be up and running in approximately 5 minutes.


We offer a 12 months parts and labour (excludes wearable parts) return to point of purchase warranty.

For more information visit our knowledge base here.


Please visit our maintenance page for details of the 50, 100 and 320 hour checks and maintenance proceedures to perform

The following items are classed as wearable SmartBench items

Spindle Brushes

Wheel assemblies

Packaging & Shipping

We appreciate the experience of receiving your router is all part of the buying experience. So we've thought about that too.

Once the carrier has delivered your new router our packaging has been designed to be easily separated into four packs, each of which can be handled by a person.


Our distributors typically offer delivery in 2-5 days, however, it may vary depending on which freight option you choose.

Please see more detailed shipping options on the distributor website


X axis travel:

1265mm (49.8'')

X max speed:

6 meters per minute (236'' per minute)

Y axis travel:

2515mm (99.0'')

Y max speed:

6 meters per minute (236'' per minute)

Z axis travel:

130mm (5.12'')

Z max speed:

2 meters per minute (78'' per minute)

Max sheet cut size:

2500 x 1250mm (98.43'' x 49.2'')

Max depth of material:

152mm (6.0'')

X & Y Axis:

Rack and pinion

Z Axis:

Twin lead screw

Processing your model


Any CAM software with a GRBL post processor

File Types:

.nc or .gcode





4,000 - 25,000 rpm

Speed Control:


Auto Tool Stop:


Advanced reporting:



1000 watt


ER16 - Max shank 10mm (0.394'')

Finished Part


+/-0.5mm (0.019'') or better

YetiPilot V1.0

Cutter Dia

3mm - 10mm


Wood based boards

Cut types

Profile & Pockets

Adjustment rate

200 milliseconds

Adjustment range

10% - 200% of original feed rate

Health check


Power requirements




1900 watts

Physical dimensions


2740mm (107.9'')


1671mm (65.0'')


1350mm (53.2'')


100kg (225lbs)

Shipping dimensions

Number of Boxes:


Total Weight:

105kg (236lbs)